Welcome to
Family Kenpo Academy

Contact Nick at (708) 942-9594 or Jeff at (708)263-5427

About Us/Programs

What to expect from Family Kenpo Academy

  • Our 100% commitment to you and your training
  • Practical hands-on training for children and adults in a supervised setting by certified instructors
  • Male and Female instructors
  • A standardized curriculum for children and adults 
  • A clean and safe learning environment that is conducive to optimal learning and training
  • Flexible hours that allow you to train at times convenient for you
  • Competitive tuition rates for you and your family
  • No sales gimmicks
  • No belt testing fees ever!  

Children Ages 5 to 12 Years

  • We are a hands on school.  We DO NOT teach "air karate"
  • Your children will be taught how to confront and handle real life situations they may face and be confident in their abilities 
  • Your children will learn a standardized system of techniques with practical application
  • Each class will keep your children engaged through bag work, hands-on, and fitness training
  • Our structured Children's training program promotes strength, endurance, focus, self confidence, and discipline, while having a good time too! 
  • Certified Children's Yoga 

Adults Ages 13 and up

  • Full standardized system
  • Adult hands on training
  • Weapons training
  • Personal protection courses
  • Advanced training program 
  • Certified Kenpo Karate Instructor training
  • Availability to participate in competitions
  • Ground work
  • Women's self defense courses
  • Certified Yoga and Pilates